Community Spotlight: Meet Jake, AKA mewtwo_minded

Mewtwo Minded

At hoardboard, we're passionate about building a vibrant community of collectors who share their love for collectibles, from trading cards to figurines. In our first Community Spotlight feature, we're excited to introduce you to Jake, known in the community as mewtwo_minded. Jake graciously took the time to answer some questions about his collecting journey, offering insights and advice for other collectors in our community.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you started your collecting journey?

My name's Jake, but in the collecting community, I'm mostly known as mewtwo_minded. My journey into collecting started a bit later than most people's, with the Diamond and Pearl sets being my first collection (I was 11 at the time). I was obsessed with the Lv.X cards and still think they hold up as some of the best cards made. I then kind of collected backwards, picking up cards from the EX era, and then of course going through all the WOTC sets.

What's the story behind your first card?

Oh, how I wish I could tell a story about pulling a 1st edition Zard from the last pack of the booster box from my local shop, but unfortunately, I'm not that lucky. If my memory still holds up, then my first collectible would have been an Empoleon Lv.X my friend gifted me. He saw how much I was enjoying my Pokemon Diamond playthrough and then decided he'd trigger my addiction to collecting shiny pieces of cardboard. Shoutout to Jacob for that!

What does your collection mean to you?

It means reliving my childhood, going through the nostalgia of the cards I had when I was younger, but also now being an adult I'm able to add to it a lot more freely. My collection is a place where I can just unwind after a long day and sort out my cards the way I like it, or just admire how far my collection has come! I know my 11-year-old self would be mind blown by just how many cool looking cards I now own.

How do you find and select items for your collection?

So I'm not really into collecting all the latest sets, my collecting goals are a bit more niche (Mewtwo cards, Lv.X cards, cards with swirls, error cards) so finding cards like those at an affordable price takes a lot of patience. The main platforms I use are eBay, hoardboard, Instagram occasionally. I'm a huge fan of trading which I think is one of the best parts of this hobby, it's a great feeling being able to add to someone else's collection while adding to your own, but it's all about trust and fairness when it comes to trading.

What challenges have you encountered during your collecting journey and how have you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge I've had is just narrowing down my collecting goals, it feels like you're making no progress at all when you have 7 different collection goals on the go, but by keeping it simple to say 3 of them then it feels like you're actually accomplishing them quicker! Also, budget control can be an issue, especially when you see an insane deal but it's a card that you're not particularly after. If you're able to keep to a budget each month and only dedicate your spending to a certain goal/set then you'll achieve it in no time.

Lastly, scammers can be a huge issue in this community unfortunately, so finding a safe space to buy your cards from genuine sellers will definitely save you a lot of frustration!

What is your most prized possession in your collection and why?

Ahh, so this is something I'm yet to even share on my Instagram page as I haven't figured out how I want to display it, but back in March 2021 when I decided to get back into Pokemon card collecting, I made it my goal to collect all 151 of the first Pokemon using their first appearance cards from Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil and originally wanted to frame it. I managed to secure all 151 last year through a mix of buying and trading with friends I made in the community. Although I didn't grow up with the release of these cards they still hold a lot of nostalgia for me as they were cards I used to own back in the day. Currently debating between a huge frame for them or a nice binder that I can flick through whenever I fancy, it's a hard choice!

How has the hoardboard platform enhanced your collecting experience?

A big part of collecting is also making room for more cards by selling those you don't particularly need/want, and hoardboard has made that part of collecting super simple. The listing process is straightforward and quick. Apart from selling, I'm able to keep track of cards I'm after and if any come up for sale then I'll be notified, which is awesome!

Can you share some tips for beginners who are just starting their collecting journey?

Sure! When I first started collecting, the one thing I wish I knew sooner was how to spot a fake card. It's something everyone gets caught out on at some point but once you know what to look out for it's not too tricky. One obvious sign of a fake card is poor grammar or insane numbers with the HP or damage from their moves. Another is the back of the card, for some reason so many fake cards just can't seem to get the right shade of blue on the back of the cards, it's either too light or too dark so in that case compare with a real card. Also, fake cards are sometimes smaller than a real card and feel slightly laminated, have a lack of texture when there should be and look glossy. And if all else fails then rip it in half, a real card will have a black print layer running through the cardboard while fake ones won't (I will not be held accountable for any ripped genuine cards). Fortunately, hoardboard is working on a fake card detector to protect buyers and sellers from accidentally dealing with fake cards, so if you come across a fake card then make sure to submit it to their database!

What trends do you see emerging in the world of collecting?

Hmm, I've always thought alternate arts are a bit of an untapped goldmine, even the more affordable ones at £15-20 will appreciate over time once the sets are no longer printing. I remember when Legend cards came out during the HeartGold & SoulSilver era and everyone around me thought they were trash, I even saw one kid rip a Cresselia-half in half because they wanted the Darkrai instead but now look at how rare and expensive they've become and they'll only ever go up in price too!

Can you share a memorable story or experience related to your collecting journey?

So I've turned 14 and haven't got much interest in the trading card game anymore, I then make the instantly regretful decision to ask my mum to sell my cards for me on eBay. I tell her maybe £45 for the lot and they sell instantly (I had almost every card from the first 4 generations including Base set trio, Lv.X cards, even a gold star card (I think Regirock). Every. Single. Card. Gone... apart from an Ancient Mew, which for some reason I decided to give to my younger sister as she really liked the look of it. Fast forward 9 YEARS ON and she's cleaning her room and finds the bloody thing!! Still in good shape and tucked in its top loader (without a sleeve though). Thankfully I was able to buy back that card off her and regained my only childhood card. Result!

Jake's journey offers valuable insights into the world of collecting and demonstrates the many ways hoardboard can support and enhance collectors' experiences. His story reflects the nostalgic, communal, and rewarding aspects of collecting, reminding us why we love this hobby so much. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting, let Jake's passion and dedication inspire you to continue your own unique collecting journey.

Remember, at hoardboard, we're here to help you every step of the way. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, hoardboard is the ultimate hub for all your collecting needs. Happy collecting!