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How To Trade Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh And MTG Online

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Trading Cards are increasing in popularity again, with the increased interest causing some cards to become more difficult to source than others.

Back in the '90s the "trading" happened with friends locally, but social media has given us more ways to connect with other collectors.

However, increased opportunities have also created increased risk.

We at Hoardboard believe that collectors deserve better. Seeing reports of items being stolen or being fake we are laying out the risks of trading using different methods. What about cards with a higher value or what if you want to protect your private information. We are going to set out ways to trade safely online.

So how can we continue to trade and complete sets safely in 2022?

1. Sending your cards to each other via post.

❗Risk: the other person may not send their card.

Using Facebook or Reddit to trade pokemon has been a popular option for many over the past few years. High amounts of trust need to go into making sure a trade takes place. Posting an image with a time stamp on Facebook can be a quick way to reach lots of people online.

Users can message you on the platform, and for cards with high value, you can often get a lot of interest and equally a lot of timewasters. Other posts can get little to no traction, and often cards are posted across lots of different groups and subreddits, and you'll never get a chance to make an offer to the original poster for the card you want.

If you do manage to secure a trade, you'll need to:

  • Agree to send the cards
  • Swap addresses
  • If you trust the user enough to swap addresses, you then send the cards to one another

The risk here is that the other person could ultimately just choose not to send the card after you have posted yours.


No pictures or videos will ever 100% guarentee the item will actually be posted.


Bait and switch is common, meaning if they do send a video of them physically posting the item, it could contain a worse condition version, or even just a bag of rocks.

Be careful!

2. Sending each other a deposit before posting.

❗Risk: the other person may claim the deposit back.

If you are sending cards of high value, sending each other a deposit is thought to be one way of safely trading online. You will need to choose a payment method, which can often incur fees.

Each person in turn will send a deposit for the cards they are trading and then refund that deposit when they receive the card.

This is not an option we recommend, as payment providers do not offer this service directly, making it easy for things to go wrong.

Imagine this:

  • ✉️ You and another person want to trade. You have received a deposit, so you feel safe and post your item to them.
  • 😟 Suddenly, the money you received as a deposit has been claimed back.
  • 📲 You call your payment provider to explain that this was a deposit given to you by someone you do not know, because you wanted to post trading cards to each other, therefore you are owed this money.
  • 💸 This is definetly not one a service the payment provider offers and therefore they have no choice but to refuse your claim.
  • ❌ Although you can also claim back your deposit, your trade partner never sent their item in the first place, meaning you have lost your item. Game over.

Overall, this method has a ton of risks that can leave you without your cards and should be avoided. If you have to use a deposit, you probably do not know and trust them enough.

3. Meeting up in person or at a convention.

❗Risk: the other person may not turn up, or not have good intentions.

Meeting in person gives a much smaller choice when it comes to who you can trade with and the cards you can get - and meeting strangers always has it's risks.

Meeting at events and conventions is one way to do this safely, but to have the right card at the right time for the right trade is often a thing of chance.

Often local trades can be a good way to get rid of cards you don't want, but not necessarily getting the cards you need.

4. Use hoardboard's trading platform

✅ Risk: none!

Hoardboard is a great way to trade securely. Currently in beta and only available for UK users - Hoardboard is a collectibles marketplace where you can buy, sell or trade pokemon cards and other collectibles. You can list your items on Hoardboard for free, when a trade is accepted both parties send their cards to our secure middleman service.

  • 📲 Send users trade offers at any time
  • 🔎 Monitor your trades on a live dashboard
  • 💬 Live chat with you, your partner and staff to discuss and resolve issues.
  • 📸 Inspection photos are taken, uploaded and viewable in the trade instance.
  • 📦 Once the inspection is complete, items are passed onto their partners!

Live chat between your partner and hoardboard to get updates about your trade, plus ask for any extra inspection photos (free of charge!)

Our moderators check over the cards carefully and upload inspection images. Both parties then have the opportunity to accept or reject a trade, giving you the chance to get your item back, if you are not certain the trade is right. You have to pay postage twice, but you will be sure that your trade is safe and secure.

Note: If your trade goes wrong due to an incident with your partner, we can either keep your items for you to use in another trade or send it back to you at no extra cost, your choice! 🎉 🥳