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Beat the fakes

We are committed to fighting against fake items in the marketplace and protecting our users from scams and fraud.

Instant authenticity.
Authenticate your cards in a flash and gain confidence in your investments.
Outwit scammers.
Stay one step ahead of the bad guys and help keep the market safe.
Peace of mind for your customers.
Show that you take your business seriously and are committed to offering only genuine cards.
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We need your help

To train our AI, we need to collect a large amount of images of fake Pokémon cards. If you have any, please upload them below.

Front images

  • Images must be of fake Pokémon cards
  • Images must be of the front of the card
  • Images must be of good quality
  • Images must contain one card only
An example of a fake Giratina card
An example of a fake Charizard card
An example of a fake Rayquaza card
A second example of a fake Charizard card