Pokémon Happy Meals Are Returning To The UK!

A collection of rare, sealed Pokemon cards being held and fanned-out.

Pokémon Happy Meals are making a comeback in the UK! At least, we think they are…

On 29th June 2022, Nintendo Life announced that an anonymous McDonald's reporter shared a new image of a Pokémon Happy Meal.

The close-up teaser image, which features a very happy Pikachu, doesn’t give an insight into what will be included in the box – though we’re hoping for a new set of trading cards.

The only information we have so far is the promotion’s potential release date, which is looking like 3rd August 2022.

Until then, all we can do is wait and hope that the anonymous tip is real.

Keep an eye on our blog for future updates on the 2022 Pokémon x McDonald's collaboration.

Pokémon McDonald's Collection 2021

In 2021, Pokémon partnered with McDonald’s to release an exclusive set of 25th anniversary cards This caused Pokémon fans both old and young to rush to the fast-food chain to try and snap up a rare card – some even went a little too overboard.

After scalpers in the US decided to purchase Happy Meals in bulk, McDonald’s UK had no choice but to impose a limit on the number of additional cards that could be purchased. These rules will likely be enforced again this year – so watch out scalpers!

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Manage your Pokémon collection

What do you think will be included in this year’s meal box? As fans of the Pokémon TCG, we expect the upcoming promotion to include a new set of one-of-a-kind trading cards.

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