The Most Underrated Pokémon Cards Of All Time

A collection of rare, sealed Pokemon cards being held and fanned-out.

There are currently more than 13,000 Pokémon cards in existence. And, while this may sound controversial, some of them just aren’t that fascinating – I’d even dare to say overrated! However, there are plenty of hidden gems…

As someone who’s been collecting Pokémon trading cards for many years, I have a few favourites. Let’s take a look at what I believe to be the most underrated Pokémon cards of all time.

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10. Lugia (#XY156)

Lugia XY

Release: 13th July 2016

Rarity: Promo

English Card Number: #XY156

Type: ✶ Colorless

Set: XY Black Star Promos

The first card on this list is Lugia. This Colorless Holo Promo XY Black Star Promos card was exclusive to the Pokémon TCG: BREAK Evolution Box (Ho-Oh and Lugia) – and the artwork is absolutely awesome. It also currently has a PSA 10 population of just three!

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9. LV.X Birds (Japanese Version)

Nippon Airlines LV.X Bird Promos Moltres, Articuno & Zapdos

Release: 1st August - 30th September 1999 (Japanese Version)

Rarity: Secret Rare (Promo)

English Card Number: 144/147 (Articuno), 149/147 (Moltres) and 150/147 (Zapdos)

Type: 💧 Water (Articuno), 🔥 Fire (Moltres) and ⚡️ Lightning (Zapdos)

Set: Beat of the Frontier

Okay, this one’s technically three individual cards, but allow me to explain… These Secret Rare LV.X Bird cards (Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos) were initially released in July 1999 and handed out to those who flew with ANA or All Nippon Airways between 1st August and 30th September 1999. There’s currently only 58 PSA 10 Articuno cards, 102 PSA 10 Moltres cards and 100 PSA 10 Zapdos cards in existence.

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8. Lugia LEGEND (Upper Half + Lower Half)

Lugia Legend

Release: 2009

Rarity: Rare Holo

English Card Number: 113/123 (Upper Half) + 114/123 (Lower Half)

Type: 💧 Water

Set: HeartGold & SoulSilver

These Lugia LEGEND cards are truly one of a kind. As they’re so powerful, they’re sold as two halves (upper and lower) and can be played together without issue – it’ll just class as a single Pokémon! You may know Lugia as a dual-type Psychic/Flying Legendary Pokémon, yet on this card, he’s depicted as a Water-type. Oh, and there’s also a typo in the bottom left-hand corner (‘IIt’ instead of ‘It’).

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7. Pikachu


Release: 25th June 2003

Rarity: Promo

English Card Number: 12

Type: ⚡️ Lightning

Set: E-Reader Black Star Promo

Pikachu is perhaps the most famous Pokémon to date – but this isn’t just any old Pikachu. This one was only available at participating 7-Eleven stores in Japan as part of the Pokémon Fair campaign. Those who purchased a bottle of Sprite Classic, Coca-Cola (Vanilla), Fanta (Fruit Punch or Melon Soda), or Ambasa Sour White were given 1 of 21 cards in the set. This series will no doubt increase in value as time goes on.

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6. Jessie & James

Jessie & James

Release: 23rd August 2019

Rarity: Rare Ultra

English Card Number: 68/68

Type: 🤝 Supporter

Set: Hidden Fates

I couldn’t leave out this iconic duo. This Full Art Ultra Rare Jessie & James Pokémon card from the Hidden Fates set features the famous pair from Team Rocket as well as Meowth and Wobbuffet in the background. It’s just as iconic as the Pikachu and Ash card from Cosmic Eclipse! I have a feeling this trading card could be worth a small fortune in the future…

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5. Pichu Bros.

Pichu Bros.

Release: 25th June 2005

Rarity: Basic

English Card Number: 16/17

Type: ⚡️ Lightning

Set: POP Series 3

This absolutely adorable Pichu Bros. Pokémon card features – you guessed it – Pichu Brothers Pichu Big and Pichu Little. First released in Japan in the POP Series 3 set, this promotional card was included in the VHS and DVD releases of Pikachu's Summer Festival. It was also the first tournament-legal card to feature more than one Pokémon!

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4. Eevee GX (233)


Release: 1st November 2019

Rarity: Promo

English Card Number: 233

Type: ✶ Colorless

Set: SM Black Star Promos

I think the reason for me choosing this card is self-explanatory. I mean, look at its face! All jokes aside, this Eevee GX (233) SM Black Star Promo card was released as part of the Pikachu-GX & Eevee-GX Special Collection. You may have also seen the Pikachu-GX card (regular and oversized), as well as the non-Pokémon-GX Pikachu and Eevee cards.

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3. Hoopa


Release: 18th July 2015

Rarity: Promo

Japanese Card Number: 155

Type: 🔮 Psychic

Set: XY-P Promo

Hoopa is a Psychic-type Basic Pokémon card that features Hoopa, Pikachu, Rayquaza, Lugia and Latios all in one. This Japanese Pokémon trading card was handed over to the first three million patrons of Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. You can even see the film logo in the bottom right-hand corner of the card!

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2. M Alakazam-EX (Full Art)

M Alakazam-EX

Release: 2nd May 2016

Rarity: Rare Holo

English Card Number: 26/124

Type: 🔮 Psychic

Set: Fates Collide

This Full Art Rare Holo M Alakazam-EX card speaks for itself – the artwork by 5ban Graphics is absolutely insane! It has to be one of my favourite cards of all time. Originally released in the Japanese Awakening Psychic King expansion, this card was included in the Fates Collide expansion as both a Regular and Full Art card.

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1. Mew

Mew Southern Islands

Release: 31st July 2001

Rarity: Reverse Holo Rare (Promo)

English Card Number: 1/18

Type: 🔮 Psychic

Set: Southern Islands

Mew is a fan favourite, and while some would say the Pokémon itself is overrated, this Reverse Holo Rare Promo card is far from it. The card was initially released in Japan with the second Pokémon film, Pokémon The Movie 2000, in a folder along with eight other cards. It’s also part of the first set to feature reverse holos!

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