These Long-Awaited hoardboard Features Are Now Live!

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At hoardboard, we're always looking for new ways to improve our platform and create a safer community for buyers, sellers and traders alike.

That's why we've updated the website with some exciting new features!

Here's what's now available on hoardboard…


The 'Kudos' feature enables users to build their reputation within the hoardboard community. It's a way of showing other members that you're trustworthy – and it helps you to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy users. These are gained by buying, selling or trading on hoardboard.

How to give kudos on hoardboard

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Once an order has arrived, both buyer and seller can give +100 Kudos.

To give another user kudos, select Orders from the drop-down menu and click the 'View' button next to the buyer, seller or trader you wish to give kudos to.

Scroll down and click the blue +100 Kudos button next to their username. Simple!

How to view kudos on hoardboard

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Clicking the Kudos button will show a pop-up showing more details.

To view your kudos, head to 'Your Profile' in the drop-down menu and click ‘Kudos'.

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This modal shows the amount of kudos per person this profile has received.


Another way to prove that you're a trustworthy seller (and to differentiate between trustworthy community members) is with the 'vouch' feature. Vouching for a user on hoardboard strengthens their reputation within the community, and unlike kudos, creating a vouch doesn't require you to buy, sell or trade on hoardboard!

How to vouch on hoardboard

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Clicking the vouch button opens a pop-up where you can create your vouch.

To vouch for another user, visit their profile and click the blue button with the thumbs up icon. This will open a pop-up box, where you can write a testimonial telling the community why you're vouching for this user, and why they're a great member of hoardboard.

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Write your testimonial in the pop-up. This will be displayed publicly.

❗ You can only vouch for that user once, so vouch wisely!

How to view vouches on hoardboard

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Here is an example of @flygonners vouch for @pokemaster.

To see who has personally vouched for you, go to 'Your Profile' and select 'Vouched by'.

You can also view who you've personally vouched for by visiting Your Profile and clicking Vouched for.


Medals are a great way to build your public image on hoardboard. Similar to Pokémon cards, medals have different rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary), and can be unlocked and showcased on your profile and listing. These remind sellers that you're a reliable buyer and an active member of the hoardboard community.

What medals are available on hoardboard?

Here are the medals that are currently available:

Alpha Heart

Be one of the first 100 users to sign up to hoardboard

Key of Security

Verify your email address

Gold Coin

Make your first purchase


Purchase 10 items


Purchase 50 items


Purchase 100 items


Purchase 250 items

Flames of Friendship

Invite a friend to hoardboard

Do you have what it takes to unlock 'em all?

How to display medals on your hoardboard profile

To display medals on your profile, select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Next, click 'Change' under 'MEDAL SHOWCASE' on the 'Profile' tab. Select the medal you wish to showcase and click 'Close'.

❗️You can only showcase the medals you have unlocked.

To view your medals, click Your Profile. Clicking on a medal on your profile (or another users' profile) will open a pop-up box with more information about the medal.

Invite a friend

If you're familiar with hoardboard, you'll know that trading with other community members using our middleman service requires you to purchase trade tokens. But did you also know there's another way to trade on hoardboard without having to spend a penny?

Our new Invite a friend feature enables you to unlock the Epic Flames of Friendship medal and earn 5 free trade tokens per friend invited – which usually costs £20!

How to invite a friend on hoardboard

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Clicking the 'Copy link' copies your unique referral link.

To invite a friend, click Settings from the drop-down menu and select the 'Invite a Friend' tab from the left-hand navigation bar. Click the ‘Copy Link' button and send your unique link to your friends.

You can also view how many trade tokens you've unlocked so far on this page.

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This is an example of what your friend will see.

When your friend clicks your unique invite link, they'll be asked to sign up to hoardboard. Once they've successfully registered, you'll both earn 5 trade tokens – and since you sent the invite link, you'll unlock the Flames of Friendship medal!

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