Who is Get Graded?

The Get Graded logo.

Welcome to the debut edition of "Who is?" - the series where we delve into the fascinating world of collectibles and the industry's major players. In this episode, we turn the spotlight on Get Graded - the UK's first grading company that launched in early 2021, offering a homegrown alternative to those across the pond.

We had the privilege of speaking with the owners of Get Graded, to gain valuable insights into the companies background, vision, and future plans.

Tell us about the history of Get Graded!

Get Graded launched in early 2021 and we were the first UK grading company, after the original owner saw a gap in the market for a UK company to compete with those overseas.

What are the most popular services you offer?

The most popular service we offer is card grading, followed by booster pack grading.

What sets Get Graded apart from other UK graders?

We also grade using subgrades which gives a detailed story about the cards condition where most grading company’s just grade the card from 1-10.

Can you share any tips or insights for collectors?

A lot of collectors want to grade their collection mainly to protect it but also to authenticate the card so they know it’s real, it also allows them to safely sell the card.

How has Get Graded evolved over time?

What sets our company apart is that we have vast knowledge in amongst our staff in the collectibles world with our staff being fans of a wide array of trading card games.

Most collectors tend to stick with 1 or 2 trading card games with pokemon being the most popular, making up around 60% of our card submissions each month.

Are there any exciting plans on the horizon that we should look out for?

We are looking at expanding our business overseas and I’m sure many can guess where, but this hasn’t been announced yet or spoken about in the public so there is a exclusive for you! Watch this space.