Who is The London Card Show?

The London Card Show.

At hoardboard, we're always interested in learning more about the collectibles industry and the people who make it thrive. Today, we're speaking with the founder of The London Card Show, one of the premier events in the UK for sports cards and TCG products.

Tell us about the history of The London Card Show!

The London Card Show began in July 2021 in half a sports hall of a community centre. With 40 people and 10 tables worth of Sports cards and TCG products, The London Card Show was born.

What are the most popular services you offer?

Popular products at the show really tend to be heavily linked to the most recent releases.

What do you think The London Card Show apart from other collectibles events in the UK?

The London Card Show is proud of the journey it's been on, and along the way the people and companies we have met and worked with. As a result, we have attracted attendees and vendors from all over the world, with some of the most respected and well-known businesses now sponsoring the show as well as offering over 200 tables per day for attendees.

How has The London Card Show evolved over time?

We are proud of the fact that we have built our business on a mindset of "taking baby steps in growth". Despite having the backing and interest to grow at a quicker rate, we have always ensured that everything we do is to the best of our ability, putting quality ahead of rushed growth. From our first show of having 10 tables and 40 attendees in half of a community centre sports hall, we have grown show by show, to 40 tables, to 55, to 75 to 100+ (at a new, bigger venue, Sandown Racecourse) to what it is now being over 200 tables (and a new hall within Sandown). Along the route of this growth, we have added aspects of the show in, including a larger trade corner, a main stage, and a live breaking area. As a result, we have seen an increase in attendance and attracted new sponsors at every show, emphasizing that the growth and business plan is matching the needs and wants of the UK public.

Can you share any tips or insights for collectors?

Have a plan for what you are looking to purchase, set yourself a tight budget, and be patient when going into events. Don't just buy the first thing that catches your eye and always try and negotiate.

Are there any exciting plans on the horizon that we should look out for?

In the near future, we are looking forward to announcing more show exclusive content and items in collaboration with some of the largest businesses in the world. So far we have had Topps exclusive London Card Show topps Now cards, London Card show branded Vault X binders, and show exclusive London Card Show merchandise, with much more planned in the coming months