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List the items you want to trade

You can do this by clicking 'Create Listing'.

Send trade offers to other users

Trade offers can be sent by visiting an items page and choosing to send a trade offer.

Get a trade offer accepted/ accept a trade offer.

Once a trade has been confirmed a trade instance will be created including you, your trade partner and a representative from hoardboard.

Remember to write your postage ref on your parcel, so we here at hoardboard can confirm who has sent these items.

Send the items to Hoardboard

As soon as we have your trade items, detailed inspection photos will be uploaded to the trade instance.

Both parties can use the chat in the trade instance to voice concerns or ask for more inspection photos free of charge.

This is also your opportunity to voice any concerns you may have about the items, so we can resolve the issue in the best way possible.

Confirm the trade

When both users are happy with the trade, hoardboard will prepare to send both sets of items onto their final destinations.

The cost of confirming the trade is 1 trade token.

Receive your items

Hoardboard will ship your new items to you.

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